Orange & Blue Spong Book Bundle - Save!

Buy a bundle and save 10% over the price of the books purchased separately! This bundle includes both The Orange Spong and Storytelling at the Vamp-Arts CaféThe Blue Spong and the Flight from Mediocrity.

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The Blue Spong and the Flight from Mediocrity

The year is 1924; the place is Chicago’s Towertown, home to the city’s Bohemian set. The Clam Sisters are about to have life as they know it turned on its head when one of the sisters purchases a rare blue spong that helps them shed their humdrum existence for something altogether bold and daring.

The Orange Spong and Storytelling at the Vamp-Art Café

Regardless of whether you are a vampire purist or not, these stories will entertain you, while they titillate you with their strangeness, provoke you with their ideas on the nature of art or immortality, or amuse you with their unusual historical details. Certainly you will never look at a head of lettuce the same way again. - Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews

Immigrants and like to meet to share stories about the “Old Country.” Vampires are no different, they too gather to share stories.  Stories that provide an insight into rich and varied vampire history and lore. Their stories challenge our beliefs about who, and what can be a vampire.


  • St Sukie de la Croix is a reporter, photographer, playwright, historian, and fiction writer. He lives in Palm Springs with his husband, bats, ravens, and hummingbirds.