Sukie's Strange Garden of Woodland Creatures

Front Cover of St Sukie's Strange Garden of Woodland Creatures

Sukie's Strange Garden of Woodland Creatures

St Sukie’s Strange Garden of Woodland Creatures is a book for adults who never lost that childlike sense of wonderment. The book sits firmly in the tradition of Lewis Carroll, Alan Garner, Lord Dunsany, and other British authors who lived with the fairies, lemonade birds, and tequila bunnies. The book takes the reader on a journey through the imagination of St Sukie de la Croix, where nothing makes sense, and nothing ever will. If you wonder what happens when you throw a broken vacuum cleaner into a bottomless pit, or why American bald eagles wear such terrible wigs, then St Sukie’s Strange Garden of Woodland Creatures is the book for you. It begins when a very young St Sukie gets hired by three polar bears to become the Janitor of Lunacy in the garden of his own imagination. Every morning, St Sukie enters the secret garden to solve the problems of the woodland creatures who live there. Problems so peculiar in nature, they defy logic or anything resembling common sense. If you watch Fox News, wear Hush Puppies and cardigans, then you most likely won’t like this book. However, if you truly believe that hens can be beauticians, that meerkats fly spitfire planes, and penguins practice tai chi on beds of azaleas, then read on. You have nothing to lose but your mind.

St Sukie de la Croix & Roy Alton Wald discuss St Sukie's Strange Garden of Woodland Creatures

St Sukie de la Croix reads "The Warthog Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Tchaikovsky"

St Sukie Reads The Mystery of the Agatha Christie Spider, From St Sukie's Strange Garden of Woodland Creatures

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