Tell Me About It

LGBTQ Secrets, Confessions, and Life Stories

Tell Me About It

LGBTQ Secrets, Confessions, and Life Stories

For centuries the voices of LGBTQ people have been silenced, unable to share their lives openly. The result has been widespread isolation, misunderstanding, and shame – often with dire consequences still felt today. Tell Me About It explores these lives and tells stories never fully shared.

In Tell Me About It, author/historians St Sukie de la Croix and Owen Keehnen asked a variety of individuals ten specific questions. Their frank, audacious, hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking responses will resonate with readers from all walks of life. They offer a glimpse into the individual life experiences that have quietly brought LGBTQ people together into a community. Through the voices of others, Tell Me About It reveals who we are, what we share, and why we must never allow ourselves to be silenced again.

Tell Me About It in the Media and Press

Feast of Fun Podcast with the Authors

Feast of Fun
Feast of Fun
FOF #2794 – Halloween Procrastinator
by Marc Felion

Halloween is upon us and for some folks the most terrifying thing isn’t some ghoul, goblin or their prime minister in blackface, the thing that scares them the most is putting on a costume.

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to look at the fear and anxiety over wearing costumes and other types of Halloween procrastinations.

Throughout history, the experiences of LGBT people have usually been erased or glossed over- Abraham Lincoln slept in the same bed with Joshua Speed but they were just “good friends” and Joan of Arc’s gender non binary nature was just a unique flair. But now the love that once dared not speak its name is crowing like a rooster.

In the new book, “Tell Me About It: LGBTQ Secrets, Confessions and Life Stories” historians Owen Keehnen and Sukie de la Croix ask everyday LGBTQ folks from all walks of life about their painful, touching and sometimes hilarious experiences coming into their own.

Listen as Owen and Sukie join us to take a look at the shared struggles of LGBT folks, from the book, The Well of Loneliness to why it was so important to go to gay bars.

Interview with Owen Keehnen and St Sukie de la Croix,=, authors of "Tell Me About It: LGBTQ Secrets, Confessions and Life Stories"

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