Foreign Affairs: Male Tales of Lust & Love

In this newest story collection from award-winning writer, Daniel M. Jaffe, red-blooded American men make mischief while vacationing abroad. They encounter a serial killer in a Munich bathhouse, a gay Holocaust ghost in Prague, a shape-shifting seductress in Mexico City, a desperate prostitute in Seville, a closeted Catholic school administrator in Dublin, and many others. These stories will transport, titillate, intrigue, and tug at your heartstrings.  
Here's What They're Saying About Foreign Affairs:

“Jaffe’s lively limpid prose features sharply etched characters and passages that shift between absurdist humor…sly social observation…and wry sensuality. The result is a redolent blend of atmospheric travelogue, earthy physicality, satire, magical realism, and Kafkaesque disorientation…. Rich, complex, entertaining tales of strangers in strange lands.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“As a travel writer, Jaffe introduces his destinations as one would a friend, with intimacies known only to a close acquaintance.… His characters are imbued with wit, warmth, and whimsy, and despite some of their sexual proclivities, they are all human and relatable….A fine writer, Jaffe has a command of language and the difficult medium of the short story.…Though some might consider the stories bold in subject matter, Foreign Affairs: Male Tales of Lust & Love is an insightful collection of finely crafted stories.” —San Francisco Book Review

“[S]urprising, refreshing, and thought-provoking…. Mr. Jaffe’s tales, both sexual and sexless, have broad appeal to readers occupying places up and down the Kinsey scale…. Kudos to Mr. Jaffe.” —Rainbow Book Reviews

“After reading this collection, I have to confess that I enjoyed reading all of the stories herein, even the ones that were horror (“In the Colony,” “The Return,” “Walpurgisnacht”) or lacked a fantastical element (“Innocence Abroad,” “The Trickster,” “El Bochorno”). Whatever your pleasure—be it erotic delight, absurdist humor, a bit of otherworldly magic, or simply the vicarious thrill of the armchair traveler—I can guarantee that you will find something to enjoy in this travelogue; like as not, several somethings.” —Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews



  • Daniel M. Jaffe is an award-winning writer whose short stories and personal essays have appeared in over half a dozen countries. He is the author of five books of fiction.