Tell Me About It 3: LGBTQ Secrets, Confessions and Life Stories

We all have stories -- sometimes poignant, sometimes entertaining, and usually quite interesting. As historians of LGBTQ life, St Sukie de la Croix and Owen Keehnen, have been recording and collecting the memories, personal experiences, and anecdotes of queer folks for decades. The Tell Me About It series is an extension of their ongoing work.The Tell Me About It series collects personal anecdotes in response to a series of questions. Like its two predecessors, Tell Me About It 3 is full of moving, horrendous, hilarious, and thought-provoking answers by LGBTQ people from across the country and around the globe, capturing a variety of experience, often revealing more profound similarities. Tell Me About It 3 offers glimpses of what makes us different, who we are, what we share, and where we fit in.



  • LGBTQ writer, activist, and grassroots historian Owen Keehnen is the author of several fiction and non-fiction titles. He is co-founder and senior biographer of the LGBT history/education organization The Legacy Project, and was inducted into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame in 2011.

  • St Sukie de la Croix is a reporter, photographer, playwright, historian, and fiction writer. He lives in Palm Springs with his husband, bats, ravens, and hummingbirds.